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Piles are painful and swollen masses of tissue in the anal area.

They can have a range of areas, and they may be inner or outer.

Inner piles are usually found between 2 and 4 cm above the opening of the anus, and they are the more general type. Outer piles happen on the outside side of the anus.

iles doctor

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In maximum cases, the signs of piles are not dangerous. They normally fix on their own after a few days.

An individual with piles may feel the following symptoms:

  • A strong, probably painful mass may be felt around the anus. It may hold coagulated blood. Piles that carry blood are called thrombosed outside hemorrhoids.
  • After giving a stool, a person with piles may experience the sense that the bowels are still full.
  • Bright red blood is apparent after a bowel action.
  • The region around the anus is itchy, red, and sore.
  • Pain happens through the passing of a stool.

Piles can increase into a more critical condition. This can include:

  • extreme anal bleeding, also possibly leading to anemia
  • fecal incontinence, or a failure to control bowel actions
    anal fistula, in which a new channel is generated between the surface of the skin near the anus and the inside of the anus.
  • strangulated hemorrhoid, in which the bloodstock to the hemorrhoid is left off, causing difficulties including disease or a blood clot.

Four Types of piles:

  • Grade I: There are small infections, usually inside the wall of the anus. They are not noticeable.
  • Grade II: Grade II piles are higher than grade I pile but also remain inside the anus.
  • Grade III: These are also known as prolapsed hemorrhoids, and develop outside the anus. The person may seem them stretching from the rectum, but they can be quickly re-inserted.
  • Grade IV: These cannot be pushed back in and require treatment. They are huge and remain external of the anus.


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