Rhinoplasty surgery in Solapur | Rhinoplasty in Solapur

Nose (Rhinoplasty) Correction

Nirmal Hospital provides the Rhinoplasty surgery in Solapur. Nose correction is required in the following four cases; i.e. if the nose deviates, it is broad in shape, depressed or nasal hump.

Deviated Nose
The nose can get deviated leading to a crooked nose due to one of the following reasons. It could be due to an injury you may have sustained during the developmental period.

Broad Nose
This is a common problem. Mostly genetic, but could also be developmental. Sharpening and narrowing such a nose is a common request. A broad nose is one which has a wide alar base.

Depressed Nose
Sometimes the nose is depressed due to injury on the bridge of the nose or surgery. If during the surgery too much of the septum is resected, a saddle deformity develops.

Nasal Hump Correction
Often the nose develops a bump or a protrusion ( like a hump) on the top. This can also make the nose look like a parrot beak. It is possible to correct the nasal hump by Rhinoplasty. Dr. Sharanbasav Hiremath is an experienced Plastic Surgeon, Provide the best treatment for Rhinoplasty in Solapur at Nirmal Hospital which is the best for Rhinoplasty surgery in Solapur.

Lip Correction is a type of cosmetic surgery or a non-surgical procedure that aims to change the appearance of the lips by increasing their fullness through enlargement using fillers. Full lips with an accentuated border have often been associated with youth and beauty.

Lip Reduction(also known as cheiloplasty) is a process of surgically reducing the size of the lips in order to reduce the appearance of abnormally large or protruding lips.